Auto Salvage Yard Savannah, GA

How Does an Auto Salvage Yard Work?

Auto Salvage Yard Savannah, GAAn auto salvage yard is a great place to save big money on car parts.  Cars break down after time and they need replacement parts.  When you need to buy replacement parts for your car you can buy factory manufactured replacement parts (usually very expensive), you can buy parts that are similar to the parts manufactured by your car maker (usually a bit cheaper), or you can look for cars that have the same or similar parts that your car uses, and buy them second hand (really cheap).  You can find pricing for specific parts here.

Where do Second-Hand Car Parts Come From?

When a car is totaled in an accident, the insurance company will often sell it to a salvage yard.  This is a way for the insurance company to recoup some of the loss it experiences when it needs to pay for the insured party to buy a new car.  The car sold by the insurance company often has a lot of really good working parts.  After all, the car was running before it was in the accident. Even if the frame of the car is bent, or the hood is mashed in, the transmission, engine, headlights, tail lights, etc. can still be in excellent working order.  If you need a part to fix your car, you can often get a genuine factory produced part that will fix your car and only pay a fraction of what you would pay by purchasing through the auto manufacturer.

Are All Cars from Auto Salvage Yards the Same?

No.  Often times salvage yards will be abandoned cars which may not have been functioning for years before they were purchased.  These cars may have working parts, or they may not. Pulling parts from an abandoned car can offer less value than getting parts from a car purchased at a salvage yard.

What if I Don’t Know How to Pull a Part from an Auto Salvage Yard?

Cash N Carry has professional parts-pullers on staff at our auto salvage yard.  These parts-pullers are available to take any part off of any car in the lot.  When you come to the salvage yard, tell the people at the counter what part you need and tell them that you’d like help from a professional parts puller.  They will be happy to assist.

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