All You Can Carry Sale! Pay $79.95 for As Much as You Can Carry

What is an All You Can Carry Sale?

You come to our massive salvage yard with tons of foreign and domestic salvage cars and trucks and gather as much stuff as you possibly can.  When you’ve got it all together, bring it to the “carry line”.  You pay $79.95.  Anything you can carry on your person (i.e. no wheelbarrow) is yours!  This includes engines, axles, transmissions, tires, hubcaps…anything!  No matter what it would cost if you bought each part individually, when you carry it for 10 feet, it’s all yours for $79.95!

What if I want it and it’s too heavy for me to carry it alone?

Grab a friend!  If you and a friend work together, you each pay $79.95 for as much as you can carry together.  Want a $250 engine?  Grab a friend or two and carry it together.  If two carry together, you’ll pay a total of $159.90.  If three carry it together, you’ll pay just $239.85.  This is a great way to save a ton of money.

How much time do I have to get my stuff together?

You can get started today!  Come in any day this week and gather together the stuff you want to carry on Saturday.  When the “All You Can Carry” sale starts, pick up your stuff, bring it to the start line, and get moving!

July 1st
8:00 AM to 5:30 PM