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Finding Cheap Auto Parts in a Junkyard

Where to look for cheap auto parts

Cash N Carry has a huge inventory. You are bound to find what you need here.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That said, junk isn’t always garbage. After a car is in a junkyard, it can still have a lot of value. A faulty carburetor isn’t a death knell for the other components, though they may no longer work in tandem.

A junkyard is an effective solution to a broken part. If you are an expert or a novice you benefit all the same––just ask for a corresponding amount of assistance.

Should I choose you-pick or full-service?

Cash-N-Carry is unique as a place where you can pick your own part or hire a professional parts picker to pick a part for you.  So you can have the best of both worlds here.

A junkyard is usually one of two formats: you-pick or full-service. In a you-pick, the onus is on you to evaluate the available cars. Using a toolkit, the customer locates and removes anything useful. You-pick is especially good for anyone with a working mechanical interest or facility, in which case exploring is almost as entertaining as discovery.

Although you-pick junkyards are widespread, a lot of people opt for full-service. In a full-service junkyard, the customer indicates a need and the employee fulfills it. Insofar as the employee locates and removes a part for you, the component is more expensive. Full-service is preferable if you are inexperienced or in a rush. Whether you go at it yourself or enlist the service, it is a good idea to call in before a visit. If you understand what is available, you’ll have a better lay of the land when you are in person.

Cash N Carry is the best of both worlds.

Preparing to visit a junkyard

Call Cash-N-Carry to find out if the part you are looking for may be available on a car you weren’t expecting.  You may need a Volvo component and learn the yard only has Chevrolet. If you are unable to find the part you want, a junkyard representative may know where else you could look.

Cash-N-Carry organizes cars and trucks into premium, imports, brands, and standards categories.  We make it is as easy as possible to find the part you’re looking for.

Further advice for selecting car parts

Be sure to ask a Cash N Carry expert  whether they stock any parts interchangeable with what you’re looking for. This enables you to avail yourself of parts in a junkyard that specializes in a brand you don’t own. Whether you decide to pull parts yourself or ask a professional to do it, you will have access to a wide selection of parts.

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